Shinsa Fees

Breakdown of fees

There is a handling fee of 25,000 JPY per blade for administrative expenses of import and export procedures. One way is 20,000 JPY. This fee is for the manpower of shinsa submission, customs clearance, attending the police registration, applications and photography for the Bunka-cho for clearance into and out of the country. Fittings and Koshirae handling fee is 10,000 JPY per piece.

Additional charges

* Torokusho ( Sword registration required in Japan.) 6,300 JPY per blade
NBTHK Shinsa fees (Link)
NTHK (Yoshikawa group) Shinsa fees (Link)
NTHK-NPO Shinsa fees (Link)
* Postage for blade & certificate back to you (estimated 20,000 JPY via Fedex, USA, UK & Europe).
* A deposit of 35,000 JPY per blade and 10,000 JPY per fitting or koshirae to be submitted.
* If you are also having a blade polished or using any of our other services we will submit to shinsa on the same handling fees (not including shinsa fees).
* When all work has been completed you will receive an itemized receipt of charges and the balance is to be paid or refunded in full.
* We do not provide insurance. Please make arrangements with your own insurance company. We are not responsible for any damage or loss of goods during transit.

*Occasionally the decision of Horyu is given. Horyu means further research is required. They may wish to hold onto the blade for a bit longer. In the case of this eventuality a shinsa fee is not charged until a decision is made.