Japanese Sword Repatriation

If you have a Japanese sword that was left to you by a relative and feel that you would like to send it back to it’s original owner, or descendants, please contact us for assistance to help you determine if the blade is eligible to return back to Japan, and if so, assist in locating the family. If we do come to a dead end, we can offer you other alternatives. Please see below for other repatriation stories.

war vet


Sept. 10, 2013: Orval Amdahl, 94, of Lanesboro, Minn, holds a sword he took from Japan when he was a captain in the Marines in 1945, at his home in Lanesboro, Minn. (AP)
Vet to return “Souvenir”

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Dying Wish:

Princicpal Noboru Nakayama & Kevin Storey, Secretary of the DLI association take a closer look at a ceremonial sword during the event at the Teikyo University of Japan in Durham.

An old soldier’s dying wish to return the ceremonial military sword he took from a surrendering Japanese general has been fulfilled.

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Henry Brothers Return Sword to Family.

Two English sword‐enthusiast brothers discovered a Muromachi period Japanese tanto (dagger) in the English town of Leeds, with a Japanese man’s name attached. After purchasing the blade, they searched for nearly two years to locate the original owner. Then the brothers came to Japan to return the blade safely to the original owner’s family at their present address in Fukuoka. The blades whereabouts
became unknown in the turmoil after the war. Thoughts that it had come to a dismal end passed when it was returned to Kyushu.

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You Tube video of an article on ABC 13 news program about a sword due to be repatriated.



















Historic samurai sword returned to owner.

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Former Marine Returns Sword he took as WWII Souvenir 60 years ago.

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This Japanese man is apparently in search of his family sword which was taken as a souvenir during the second world war. This appeal for help was originally published in this Russian newspaper.