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The Japanese Sword: The Yoshihara Tradition of Swordmakers. The Pacific Asia Museum, Pasaden. March 19 – June 19 2005. The Exhibition follows the work of the Yoshihara School. Featuring work by the Yoshihara family and former apprentices

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First televised April 9, 2005 on channel 18, JATV Los Angeles. Feature and interviews of Yoshihara Yoshindo and a look at the exhibition – The Japanese Sword: The Yoshihara Tradition.



May 2006, Tatsuya Fujishiro came to London, England where he gave a demonstration and lecture on Japanese sword polishing to the Token Kai of Great Britain.



Paul Martin gave a Lecture at the Nibei Foundation in Los Angeles. Nov. 2010 entitled "The Japanese Sword: A Symbol of Japan".

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On April 15, 2011. Paul Martin was invited to be Keynote speaker at the UC Berkeley’s Student Symposium.

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